The pmMDA - poor man MDA - tool is a pragmatic approach to apply MDA approach in commercial and industrial projects. Tedious source artifacts are generated from a model instead of being hand-coded. Talented developers should concentrate on application design and not on writing repetitive code. Currently pmMDA provides extensive support for Java and .NET client/server applications.

pmMDA Target Architecture

The goal is to provide a tool empowering designers to specify a MDA model, validate it and generate the source code to execute it. Commercial applications are the major scope of the project. In a second phase industrial products are supported.

pmMDA reads UML models, e.g. from ArgoUML tool, extends them with tagged values and generates the source code and configuration artifacts for the target applications. The tagged values are described in the user manual and are legal extensions to the UML method. Therefore the models can still be edited with UML tools. The pmMDA provides a user interface simplifying the edition and validation of tagged values.

The MDA approach becomes powerful when available frameworks provides powerful abstraction to program against. The pmMDA project provides a set of complete frameworks (Java and .NET) streamlining client server program development. Logo